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South Dakota Log Homes
2424 Serenity Dr.
Watertown, SD 57201
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While log homes have proven to be one of the best home investments and enjoy the benefits energy efficiency, beauty, and flexibility of design, there is a considerable range of quality in the marketplace.  from Bob Marcom]  As I attend trade shows across the country and chat with log home enthusiasts, many of them tell me, "I am totally confused by all the different claims about "this is the best" or "ours is better because..... I don't know if I should chose a really big company or a small company ---- a local company or a nationwide company. I can't figure out which system is best. And, sometimes it looks like their literature is very nice but their 1 logs don't look that great. Why is that?" Indeed, finding  the 'right' dealer or manufacturer can be difficult.  The table above should provide some guidance. I know that if you talk to us, we will provide you with the very best log package on the market using materials from one of the largest log manufacturing facilities in North America coupled --- all with terrific service. I believe that you will find it enjoyable as we work together on your new home. In the end, you will have exactly the home you wanted and more!
Do I have the choice of log package options?
Them: Varies - many manufacturers have limited choices. 
How many log styles do you offer?
Us: Over 70
Them: Varies Widely
Does Strongwood offer log railings, log stairs, and hardwood flooring for log homes?
Them: Some manufacturers do. However most do not.
Are Strongwood homes energy efficient?
Us: YES -  You might expect to save 15%-20% in energy costs
Them: None are more energy efficient than the Strongwood full log.
How much do log homes cost?
Us: Our experience is that totally complete turnkey Strongwood homes in the U.S. average between $120 and $160 per square foot
Them: Varies. Some low grade materials may cost less. Handcrafted logs may range from $200 to $400 per square foot.
Is only Eastern White Pine  used for structural logs?
Us: YES - Plus we offer Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir options
Them: No -  Varies. Some use lesser quality pine or dead standing logs.
Can I use any cabinets or fixtures for my  log home?
Us: YES We don't restrict you to low quality finishing options
Them: No -  Some manufactures require you to source components from them
Are all logs kiln dried?
Us: YES - Absolutely Our logs are dried to 15-19% or lower: an exacting process that takes 28-34 days. No company in North<
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