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Kiln-Dried Logs Are Best

Kiln-drying should be one of your most important considerations.  Here are six of the most important benefits of kiln-drying.
  1. It produces logs that are more uniform and dimensionally stable.  A green log loses moisture until it eventually achieves a balance with the enviroment.  As that moisture is lost, natural stresses in the timber cause checking and twisting.  When this occurs ina  log wall, joints can loosen and air-infiltration can occur.  Drying in a controlled enviroment minimizes checking.  Also, any logs that exhibit severe stress changes prior to final milling can be discarded.  The result will be a more uniform appearance for log walls and tighter wood joints.
  2. Timbers are sanitized when they are heated to 180 degrees in a kiln for 28 to 34 days.  This heat kills mold, wood decay fungi, and any insects and their eggs and larvae.  Therefore, it is unnecessary to use any chemical treatment on South Dakota Log Home.
  3. Pitch in wood is crystallized by the heat of the kiln.  This prevents the sticky substance from seeping through the logs.
  4. Benefit is that more than 10,000 pounds of water can be removed from a typical log house during the kiln-drying process.  This significantly reduces weight for both shipping and handling on the work site.
  5. Strength and stiffness are increased and screws hold better
  6. Interior and exterior finishes can be applied immediately after construction.  These applications penetrate deeper and last longer with kiln-dried wood.

Other Important Information

  • Properly kiln-dried logs mean easier building, better stain absorption, no settling or shrinking, less checking, and a superior quality home.
  • Kiln-drying means no mold, wood decay, fungi, larvae, eggs, or insects. It means we do not have to spray or dip our logs with any type of harmful chemicals in order to prevent these problems.
  • No special plumbing to account for movement of logs
  • No special HVAC construction to account for movement of logs
  • All of our logs are graded using log industry standards
  • We only use Eastern White Pine
  • We have a wide variety of profiles and corner styles available
  • Making siding is available for all log profiles
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